“The department is always interested in talking to individuals who would like to serve their community as a volunteer.”

How to become a Volunteer Fire Fighter:

Scioto Township Fire is paid-on call fire department. When the Department is hiring the following requirements must be met in order to become a member of the department.

1) Must have a high school diploma or GED.

2) Valid Ohio 36 hour Volunteer Fire Card.

3) Valid drivers License. All qualified applicants must have a valid Ohio Operators License, liability insurance as required by Ohio law and be accepted by the Township Insurance carrier as being insurable to drive Township vehicles.

       3a. If an applicant does NOT have a valid Ohio Operators License (suspended, revoked, ect.) the applicant shall reapply at the time the points are removed from the license.

       3b. An applicant cannot have 4 or more points on their license.

4) All qualified applicants residing outside Scioto Township or greater than a 5 mile radius from 3737 Ostrander Rd. whichever is greater will be considered based on the Departments needs at the time of application.

5) Background checks from the FBI and BCI