Fairview Cemetery
3447 Ostrander Rd. approx. 1/8 mile North of SR 36W

(Lots Available)

Mill Creek Cemetery
4622 Ostrander Rd. approx. ½ mile South of the Village of Ostrander

(No Lots Available)

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Newhouse Cemetery
1467 Ostrander Rd. approx. 1 mile West of SR 257 N

(Lots Available)

DSC 8968b 

Bokes Creek Cemetery
6360 State Route 37 West of SR 257 N

(Lots Available)



To purchase a lot please contact any Scioto Township Trustee            740-666-3014

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Cemetery Rules & Regulations

1) All cemeteries shall close at dusk. Any person found on the grounds after dusk will be    considered a trespasser and will be liable for prosecution.

 2) To keep all lots harmonious as possible without infringing on an adjoining lot, ALL plantings shall be under the supervision of the cemetery personnel.

 3) A well-maintained area the full length of the monument and 12 inches out toward the burial space will be designated for the following: flowerbed, shepard’s hook, arrangements, decorations. The use of decorative gravel, stone, lava rock, benches, chairs, trellis, or fences is strictly prohibited. Cemetery personnel will remove plantings and/or materials not meeting these requirements or not being properly maintained.

 4) Artificial flowers or arrangements not secured to monuments or contained by shepard’s hook above grade are permitted only from November 1st to March 15th and the following holidays: Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and birthdays. All of these arrangements will be removed seven days after the holiday.

 5) No trees, plants or shrubs shall be planted on lots or graves. If any existing tree, plant, or shrub on any lot becomes detrimental or injurious to adjunct lots, walks, monuments, or roads, it shall be removed.

 6) Scioto Township is not responsible for theft, accidents or damage to anything placed on graves or lots.

7) The cemetery grounds will be given their annual house cleaning on or about the 15th of March.