Scioto Township Zoning and Board of Zoning Appeals


Township Zoning Commission meetings 

Held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 P.M. at the Township Community Center

3737 Ostrander Rd.
Ostrander, Ohio 43061


Township Board of Zoning Appeals meetings 

Held on the 3rd Thursday of each month (as required) at 7:00 P.M. at the Township Community Center

3737 Ostrander Rd.
Ostrander, Ohio 43061


Zoning Inspector
Dan Quick
3737 Ostrander Rd
Ostrander, Ohio 43061
Telephone Number: (740) 815-3723

Office Phone Number: 740-666-3014 extension 103

Email Dan






Dick Moxley

2282 Klondike Road 







Alec Andrews

9680 Fontanelle Road 







James Hall

3690 Newhouse Road 







Bill Swaney

1013 Warren Road 










Wendy Wolpert 

1327 Warren Road 


cell 614-766-2713

Thomas McCollister-alt

9325 Dean Road


Tim Brown

3719 Burnt Pond Road

cell 614-806-1989


Julee O’Reilly

1080 St. Rt. 257 S. Del.



Graham Wardell

3720 Burnt Pond Rd.




Sherry Felkner

3662 Ostrander Road


Documents and Forms:

Agricultural Exemption Affidavit

Application for Conditional Use Permit 

Application for Expansion of Non Conforming Use

Scioto Township Driveway Permit

Scioto Township Zoning Variance Application

Zoning Certificate Application

Example Plot Plan

 Zoning Code for Scioto Township

Zoning Map



Commonly Asked Questions


Q) Do I need a zoning certificate for a shed?
A) Yes. You need a zoning certificate for any building or structure, including new homes, sheds, decks, building additions, ect.

Q) What do I need to do to get a zoning certificate?

A) You will need to complete a Zoning Certificate Application (available on this website), provide a site sketch (an example is available on this website), and pay the appropriate fee.

Q) Does my site sketch need to be prepared by a land surveyor?

A) No. You can draw your own site sketch as long as it is clear and legible.

Q) What information should my site sketch show?

A) A site sketch must show the property lines, any existing buildings or structures, the proposed building or structure with accurate dimensions from the proposed structure to the centerline of the road and to all property lines. Blueprints or plans are not necessary but you must show the outer dimensions of the proposed building or structure.

Q) I want to build a shed or pole barn to store my lawnmower or to use as storage. Is it considered an 
agricultural building?
A) No. To qualify as an agricultural building, it must be used exclusively for agricultural purposes as defined by the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 303.21.

Q) What are my building setback distances?

A) Building setback distances vary by zoning district. You can call the Scioto Township Zoning Inspector to get your specific distances.

Q) What is the easiest, fastest way to submit my application and supporting documents?

A) The easiest, fastest way to submit items is to email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Zoning Meeting Minutes